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Chef de Cuisine, Chef Jermaine Fraser is a private chef that enjoys delighting one through tasty and fulfilling dishes. A native of the Bronx, NY, Chef Jermaine Fraser relocated to the DC metropolitan area where he eventually graduated from high school. 

At age 9, Chef Jermaine Fraser fell in love with cooking and began learning how to cook Caribbean cuisines from his father Clifton, his Aunt Edwina, and cousin Mike. In the years to come, he would learn how to cook soul food from his second mother Ms. Diggs and receive formal training and education at The Art Institute of Culinary Arts. 

As a father of four, Chef Jermaine Fraser pours into his love with the love shared by his "4 why's". This passion created Maine Course Catering in 2018 which specializes in a Caribbean-Soul fusion. Through entrepreneurship and service, Chef Jermaine Fraser is on a mission to build a legacy for his children founded on the pillars of genuine passion, authentic purpose, and empathetic love.


It is from this foundation, Chef Jermaine Fraser invites you to attend The Good Brunch hosted at The Society Restaurant and Lounge. See you soon. 

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